Fact Check Africa

FactCheckAfrica is an independent fact-checking platform. Our focus is to produce fact-check reports around electoral activities, issues in government, accountability in governance, climate and conflicts in Africa. We believe these thematic areas are important for sustainable development on the continent. Therefore, we are committed to publishing timely reports that shed light on these areas, giving the people facts to make informed decisions.

At FactCheckAfrica, we also believe the quality of information that the citizens consume also shape lives disproportionately and to this end, we verify confusing numbers or claims that are capable of negatively impacting the people. We also serve as a watch on public figures. We identify misleading alterations and present the facts to the people undiluted. 

As it is the standard, FactCheckAfrica only fact-checks statements which are based on verifiable facts or numbers. We don’t check opinions and statements about the future. 

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