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Debunked: False Claim of 50% Reduction in Cooking Gas Price at A.A Rano Company’s Osogbo Branch

By Muhammad Mustapha Ibraheem


A.A Rano company (Osogbo branch) has reduced the price of cooking gas by 50% due to the approaching month of Ramadan, with the current price of 1kg at ₦560.



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A claim circulating on social media suggests that A.A Rano company (Osogbo branch) has reduced the price of cooking gas by 50% in anticipation of the month of Ramadan, with the current price of 1kg at ₦560. This rumor has been forwarded multiple times on WhatsApp and has garnered significant attention on X and Facebook.

The circulating misinformation has had a notable impact on people, especially considering the current hike in prices of goods, including cooking gas. With prices of cooking gas hovering around ₦1,300-₦1,400 per kg in many places, the purported reduction to ₦560 at A.A Rano company (Osogbo branch) fueled desperation among consumers. As a result, many individuals flooded the station, hoping to take advantage of the supposed discounted price.

Meanwhile, despite the circulating message specifically mentioning the Osogbo branch, customers across Nigeria ignored this detail and visited every branch of the company in search of the supposed discounted price. This widespread disregard for the specificity of the message shows the persuasive power of misinformation and its ability to influence consumer behavior. Additionally, customers labeled other sellers as “greedy” and appealed for a reduction in price, based on the false premise of the rumored discount at A.A Rano company (Osogbo branch).


FactCheckAfrica conducted an onsite verification at the said branch of the company and confirmed that the claim is false. Contrary to the rumor, the actual price at the Osogbo branch of the company is ₦1,136 per kg.

In response to the influx of buyers hoping to purchase gas at the rumored reduced price, the management of the A.A Rano company (Osogbo branch), on February 28, 2024, released a statement, which was attached to every corner of the filling station. The statement (see below) explicitly refutes the rumor and reaffirms the company’s normal price of ₦1,136 per kg. It also assures customers that any changes in price will be communicated through appropriate channels.

FactCheckAfrica also spoke with one attendant at the Osogbo Branch of the company, who first hand debunked the development. He noted that while the company traditionally reduces the price of gas when Ramadan is approaching, the current claim is false. The attendant confirmed that there have been no price reductions, and the circulating information is misleading.


The purported claim suggesting a 50% reduction in cooking gas price at A.A Rano company (Osogbo branch) has been thoroughly investigated and found to be entirely without merit.

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