Independence Policy

FactCheck Africa is an independent, non-partisan platform focused on fact-checking and delivering unbiased reportage about misleading claims or statements in the polity.. Therefore, all members of the organisation must be non-partisan. We respect people’s fundamental rights to vote and be voted for. However, if any member wishes to be partisan such members shall resign their position in the team, and such resignation shall be made publicly. Where a member after due resignation parades him/herself as a member of FactCheckAfrica, such member shall be prosecuted accordingly under the provisions of the Criminal Code Act, LFN 2004, and any other applicable laws.


As an organisation, we also strive to ensure that all our sources and facts are well represented in our stories. For instance, facts and quotations in a story that are from third party sources are well attributed in our stories. Attribution of materials from external sources are also addressed accordingly. We frown strongly against plagiarism. 

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