Terms of Use

We understand, as a reputable organisation, that there is a lot of misleading content in the public space. This content ranges from claims made by public figures and pundits at events to assertions by random individuals or influential persons as well as government or political parties and all these are amplified by social media in various capacities using several channels. 

In addressing this, we use a number of content analysis tools such as Meltwater, Primer.ai and Crowdtangle to understand misleading content especially those that have the potential of harmful effects on the polity. We also encourage the public to submit claims that need checking using our dedicated WhatsApp tip line and social media handles. 

At FactCheckAfrica, we also believe it is important to apply a consistent set of criteria for determining claims that should be checked. What this does is that it makes it possible for us to concentrate efforts on claims that would have a long reach impact on our audience and the polity at large. Therefore, there are certain guides that our editors follow in prioritising claims to be fact-checked. 

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