Publishers Correction Policy

At the core of what we do at FactCheckAfrica is a core value of transparency and we do our best to achieve accuracy in all our checks. However, as is the nature of humans, we make mistakes sometimes and why these errors may be considered as our flaws, we try as much as possible to fully make necessary amendments in whatever piece we publish on our platforms. 

While making this amendment, we try as much as possible to apologise to our audience or the person who was the victim of that circumstance. Our goal with this is to tell our readers as clearly as possible what went wrong and the adjustments made. 

We are guided by the five principles of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). We seek to check Dis/misinformation, verify claims and debunk fake news around accountability in governance, climate and conflicts in Africa through adequate research, effective use of accessible data as well as technological tools that are important to our work.

We present our findings in short pieces, infographics, pictures, videos, animations and social media posts. We have a strong belief that our work can identify the purveyors of false information, which will discourage false news propagators from disseminating unverified information in the future and help the public know about important issues so that they can make informed decisions.

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