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Fact-Check: Contrary to X’s User Claim, Huspuppi Is Still In Jail 

BY: Sultan Usman


A social media post claimed that Huspuppi had been released from prison. 


Misleading! FactCheckAfrica’s findings show that the claim is misleading. 

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On 8th June 2024, a Twitter user with the handle @Babygirl4life posted a video of Ramon Olorunwa Abba, a popular Nigerian fraudster with the claim that he has been released from jail recently. 

Recall Ramon, popularly known as Hushpuppi, was arrested in Dubai in June 2020 by Interpol after which he pleaded guilty to multi-million dollar fraud charges against him. 

He was sentenced to jail in the US in November 2022. FactCheckAfrica decided to work on this claim due to engagement trailing it. 


FactCheckAfrica verified the video using keywords on Google and it showed that the video was dated back to 2018 when Hushpuppi went to celebrate his birthday in Cyprus. The video later resurfaced on YouTube in 2020 following his arrest in Dubai. 

FactCheckAfrica also checked the official website of the  Bureau of Prisons (FBP) and it shows that Hushpuppi is still serving his jail term in FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Photo Credit: Details of Huspuppi/FactCheckAfrica


The claim is misleading and incorrect because Hushpuppi is still serving his jail term and still in the custody of the FBP and his release date is April 2029.

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