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Fact-Check: Did Oyo Govt Approve N25,000 Cash Transfer to Celebrate Eid Festival?

By Quadri Yahya 


The Oyo state government has approved the sum of N25,000 cash transfer to celebrate the Muslim festival.



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A post recently circulated on WhatsApp claims that the Oyo state government led by Governor Seyi Makinde has approved the sum of N25,000 cash transfer in celebration of the Muslim forthcoming festival.

The claim was being circulated a few days before the annual festival which will be celebrated on June 16.

A screenshot of the terse message shared on a WhatsApp group with over 100 members


First, FactCheckAfrica found no post pertaining to the claim on the website of the Oyo state government and its social media pages.

Second, a check through the website address embedded in the message reveals that it is a phishing link. This type of dangerous link can be exploited by hackers to collect personal information of unsuspecting people and for social engineering attack 

Moreover, the link has been flagged as a ‘dangerous site’. 


The Oyo state government has not approved cash transfers in celebration of the annual Muslim festival. People are urged to be cybersecurity conscious to save them from being a victims of hacking.

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