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FALSE! Draft Bill on Regional Government Not From National Assembly

By Habeeb Adisa


A regional model of government for Nigeria expected to take effect before October 1, 2024, following the social media circulation of a draft bill.


The claim is false. The document circulating on social media is not an official bill from the National Assembly of Nigeria.

Full Text

A purported draft bill is circulating on social media proposing a new governance model for Nigeria based on regional government. The document outlines a proposal to replace the current constitution with a federal/regional system and claimed to have the support of the National Assembly. According to the post, the bill is expected to take effect before October 1, 2024.

The document titled “Draft Bill for an Act to Substitute the Annexure to Decree 24 of 1999 with a New Governance Model for the Federal Republic of Nigeria” is being shared widely on social media (particularly on X, formerly Twitter). 

It includes sections on the preliminaries, substitution clause, and stipulations for federal administration. The news comes following the signing of the new anthem bill into law by President Bola Tinubu.  


In a bid to trace the origin of the document, FactCheckAfrica conducted an advanced search to identify the full copy of the document. It was revealed that the document was drafted by Dr. Akin Fapohunda and not a proposition by the President or the National Assembly.

The drafter, Dr. Fapounda is the Convener of the Oduduwa Society; Director of Research and Strategy of Afenifere; a Member of the Voice of Reason (VOR); a body of Yoruba Concerned Elders. He is also an active advocate for the restructuring of Nigeria; an idea he has advocated for both locally and globally

Also, upon verification, FactCheckAfrica found no record or public announcement from the National Assembly regarding the introduction or discussion of such a bill.  The document purports to invoke the National Assembly’s “inherent powers” to unilaterally replace the constitution, which is inconsistent with established constitutional amendment procedures in Nigeria. Constitutional amendments require rigorous processes, including extensive legislative scrutiny, public consultations, and sometimes referendums.

Also, FactCheckAfrica observed that the language and formatting of the document do not align with the formal legislative drafting standards commonly observed in official Nigerian legislative documents. The phrasing and presentation style raise suspicions about its authenticity.

Up to the moment of this report, no credible news outlets or official government reports have mentioned such a bill. Major legislative changes typically attract significant media attention and public discourse, none of which has been observed for this alleged bill.


The circulating document proposing a new governance model for Nigeria based on regional government by October 1, 2024, is False.

There is no evidence from official sources to support the claim that such a bill exists or is under consideration by the National Assembly.

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