Unveiling MyAIFactChecker, the Digital Tool Sorting Facts from Fiction in Africa 

By: Ibraheem Muhammad Mustapha

With over 600 million internet users in Africa, the potential for misinformation in affecting informed decisions seems limitless. And the stakes are high, with at least 189 documented disinformation campaigns coordinated by state actors, social media users, and foreign actors. 

You’re likely familiar with MyAIFactChecker already – and if so, you know how amazing it is. But did you know it’s more than just a digital verification tool? 

MyAIFactChecker is a powerful tool that offers more than just digital verification. As a comprehensive AI-enabled platform developed by FactCheckAfrica, it tackles various dimensions of information pollution across Africa, providing a robust solution to the continent’s fact-checking needs.

Here’s an in-depth REVIEW of the myriad features that make MyAIFactChecker an indispensable tool in the fight against information disorder.

Sentiment Analysis for Security Enhancement

One of the vital  features of MyAIFactChecker is its sentiment analysis capability. This  goes beyond merely analyzing the tone of statements; it plays a crucial role in our campaign against information pollution in Africa.

FactCheck Africa has conducted a groundbreaking research entitled “Information Pollution, New Technologies and Extremism in West Africa: A Diagnostic Analysis” to examine the landscape of information pollution in four West African countries. 

Our research, which analyzed available data from four different African countries [Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Côte d’Ivoire] using a multi-faceted approach, revealed that disinformation campaigns have had devastating consequences, including fuelling deadly violence, legitimizing military coups and masking corruption and exploitation. 

We used Sentigem for sentiment analysis as part of our methodology to analyze the gathered data. These issues, as our overall findings revealed, are often driven by state-sponsored campaigns, foreign influence operations, politicians, media amplifiers, and emerging  technologies.

Thus, the integration of sentiment analysis into MyAIFactChecker is a strategic move to analyze statements for potential threats. We believe that by assessing the sentiment behind the content, we can identify harmful narratives and actors that pose security risks.

This proactive method  helps in mitigating threats before they escalate, thereby contributing to a safer and more secure information environment in Africa.

Multilingual Accessibility 

Recognizing the diverse linguistic landscape of Africa, MyAIFactChecker supports multiple languages, including English, French, Arabic, Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. This feature makes the tool accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that more people can benefit from accurate information.. 

Our commitment to inclusion  is rooted in the understanding that misinformation knows no language barrier. By providing functionality in several major African languages, we ensure that individuals who speak different languages can equally access and benefit from the platform. 

This multilingual capacity also facilitates grassroots development, which is a pivotal  point of our digital literacy campaign. We believe that beyond social media, individuals at the local  level are also exposed to the dangers of information disorder. Through integration of multiple languages, we aim to reach and educate a wider audience, thereby fostering a culture of critical thinking and vigilance against misinformation.

Accurate Speech Input for Inclusivity

Additionally,  MyAIFactChecker includes accurate speech input functionality —specifically speech-to-text feature. This feature is particularly beneficial for persons with disabilities (PWDs), especially those with visual impairments or mobility challenges that make typing difficult. 

Moreover, this feature works hand in hand with the audio functionality on FactCheckAfrica’s main website, which allows users to listen to every post we make. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who are visually impaired or have reading difficulties.

Our parent organization, Brain Builders Youth Development Initiatives (BBYDI), has been at the forefront of promoting an inclusive society for persons with disabilities through research, advocacy, engagement, and mainstreaming. 

By integrating speech-to-text input, we ensure that PWDs can also utilize the platform effectively to verify claims and access reliable information without barriers. This feature aligns with our commitment to promoting inclusivity and ensuring  that all members of society can benefit from our efforts to combat misinformation.

Collaboration and Community Engagement

MyAIFactChecker is also designed to facilitate collaboration and community engagement. Users can share verified information within their networks, promoting a culture of fact-checking and critical thinking. Furthermore , the platform’s insights can be used by community leaders and organizations to educate and mobilize their community members  against misinformation.

Grassroots mobilization is at the heart of our community engagement strategy. Recognizing the fact that individuals at the grassroots level are often most vulnerable to information disorder, we have integrated multiple languages into the tool to ensure these communities are not left behind. Our digital literacy campaigns focus on equipping grassroots communities with the skills and knowledge to identify and counter misinformation. Thus, we empower these communities to protect themselves and contribute to the broader fight against misinformation by providing access to reliable information in their native languages.

Through partnerships with local organizations and community leaders, we aim to create a network of informed and vigilant individuals who can act as agents of change within their communities. Leveraging the power of MyAIFactChecker, we aim to spread awareness and resilience against misinformation acoss every society. .

The Next Chapter

By now, you must be intrigued by the extensive capabilities of MyAIFactChecker. But the journey doesn’t  end here. We will continue enhancing the capacity of the tool to deliver the best possible results and help in the fight against information pollution on the continent.

You can’t afford to miss it, try it out now! 

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